Developmental Expedition

Mindtality Takes Us Down The Rabbit Hole With New ‘Developmental Expedition’ LP

Down the rabbit hole we go to embark on a journey with Mindtality and his self-released LP, Developmental Expedition. It’s packed with a variety of smooth, intricately layered sounds, and levels of bass. This LP is what we like to call a mid-tempo dream.

We recommend listening in order, start to finish. Use high quality headphones, or speakers, to receive the full experience.

The unique nine-track album blends guitar melodies with glitchy trip-hop influenced sound design and percussion.

Developmental Expedition

Developmental Expedition was created to encapsulate the emotions and experiences that Mindality lived through during a six month period of time from 2019 to 2020. Each track was written individually. Laced together beautifully. And each one focuses on a specific memory.

‘Developmental Expedition’ is exactly what the title says: a growing and changing journey as each song progresses.

– Mindtality

After writing the final track of the album, “Enochian,” he shared that that was the moment he truly felt the cohesiveness. Partly between his childhood writing, and his more recent endeavors in the Mindtality project.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy ‘Developmental Expedition.’ We’ll see you on the other side.

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