Electric Hawk’s mission is to hunt music for music lovers and develop a a community built on music-sharing. There’s a lot of marvelous sound waves out there that have yet to hit our ears, and we’ve got all sorts of neat ideas to help close the gap between listeners and artists, of all sizes.

In order to bring this vision to reality and help connect everyone with happiness and experiences, this isn’t something a few people can do. We’ve got a radio show, playlist curation, record label, a podcast, a YouTube channel, a mobile phone app in development, and many more challenges ahead. To serve this great community, we need to be driven by the community. It’s about the memories made, the joy in discovery, and the thrill of attending events to witness those discoveries and create those memories.

If you’re passionate about music and would like to join this journey, here are some talents we’re looking for:

Editors/Contributors – Strong writing skills, an understanding of SEO helps, and above all, the ability to put the artist and their craft first to make sure our content benefits their career and elevates them.

Graphic Designers – If we’re handing out fresh finds, we need to look fresh! Creating media, cover arts, and more is a weekly thing we do to keep pushing music.

Photographers/Videographers – As our reach expands to different ears/eyes, so does the opportunity to cover important events. We’ll need assistance with media at these shows/festivals, and can definitely provide media passes when available.

Moderators and Contributors – As stated above, we’re driven by the community. The memes, the shares of unreleased music played in sets, captured videos, and the connection between artists and fans. We want to stay true to the whole “For the community, by the community” line, and to keep this community fun and safe we need members who contribute content that keeps it thriving and also keep out any negativity. For example, helping run the Facebook Group, or maintaining the 10+ Twitter group chats of 70+ people each that we run to keep them active and fun.

Brand Ambassadors – Representing EH, doing a number of roles to lead the direction of what we do and cover. More details on this upon discussion! You don’t need technical skills to help share the vision!


Complete the form linked here and let us know all about you!

Contact vania@theelectrichawk.com for any other questions.