A brand new theory surrounding the ‘future bass’ pioneer and electronic music legend has been discovered. Flume’s ‘Hi This is Flume’ Mixtape released earlier this year was received enormously well to fans who have gone years without new music from Harley Streten (aka Flume).

So we’ll be diving in on the theory based off of this thread we made recently on Twitter.

We’ll refer to ‘Hi, This is Flume” as ‘HTIF‘ moving forward. Flume went extremely deep into the detail and hidden meaning of his latest project. Some messages being easier to find than others.

The theory is: Flume is dropping a whole new mixtape, maybe even 4 this whole year, including ‘HTIF’. Mind you, based on how secretive he is, he’s clearly got a ton of music he’s been working over the last 3 years since his Grammy-winning album, ‘Skin’. For example, his Asia Tour videos contain several unreleased Flume songs. We even have a compilation with tons of Flume’s older unreleased music, as well.

What’s the reasoning? Take a look at the cover art by Jonathan Zawada for ‘HTIF’ below.

The 4 tile squares at the top-left corner may indicate four different seasons. The #1 represents the first season of the year, Spring, which also happens to be the final track with EPROM from the project. Even in the Youtube visualizer for the ‘HTIF’ mixtape, the #1 is strongly depicted during the intro, and only #1.

Now here’s the alarming part: Look at the time Flume announced and dropped ‘HTIF’ below.

So, when did Spring Equinox start in 2019, anyways?.. I wonder.

On May 6th, 2019, it was on this day Flume began letting us unravel the enigma. He posted a picture with four goats, well, him and 3 other goats.

With one seasonal mixtape released, that would leave three seasons left. Three goats were tagged with their own individual and private account. ‘@totemsgoats1‘, ‘@cutegoatguyyy’, and ‘@hayfanatic69‘. This is beginning to feel like the Illuminati’s work, or Fluminati.

If you happened to follow the goat accounts upon these posts, you’ll have noticed he was actually doing Q&A’s via Instagram stories!

And here we are, putting the pieces together. The @totesmgoat1 account in specific has a post that looks like it was created by Flume’s designer, Jonathan Zawada. View image below.

The crazier catch: Look at the bio.

“Hay This is Goat (Mixtape) out 6.21.19”. Remember what we were saying about seasons? I wonder when the next Summer Solstice begins.

Well, I’ll be damned. 6.21.19.

This leads us to believe that each goat account will play a significant role in the release and promoting of the mixtapes, with each one being attributed to its own individual mixtape/season. So if we keep following this pattern..

@cutegoatguyyy would be Flume’s Autumn Mixtape release on September 23rd, 2019 (9.23.19). September Equinox.

@hayfanatic69 would be Flume’s Winter Mixtape release on December 21st, 2019 (12.21.19), concluding the year. Winter solstice.

If we revisit that “#1” symbolism from ‘HTIF’, it’ll all interplay and have the appropriate number displayed on each mixtape.

Harley, we got you. If this is true, we don’t deserve you. We’re in for one hell of a year, if so.

Written by Dariel

Electric Hawk Radio Host and Founder, ZDF, DJ, and I miss my ex. Chicago.

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