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“Healing” by Supertask is…well, exactly that. It’s healing. Right when many of us needed it the most, Supertask has graced us with yet another incredibly emotional and beautiful single.

Following up his most recent “Without You” cover, it’s never been more clear that Supertask is in his own lane when it comes to producing. With the perfect amount of percussion layered atop a slow downtempo beat and ethereal vocal chops, this song is a masterpiece. Simply put, it’s the musical embodiment of a hug.

All components considered, this track is a melting pot of goodness and pure bliss. So get cozy, turn this song on, and let your mind escape for six minutes. We’re all healing from something — take care of yourselves and others.

To support his craft, make sure to check out and buy his music on Bandcamp. You can also stream “Healing” by Supertask below!

As of now, Supertask has announced he will be on hiatus. But we’re grateful he’s given us this as a parting gift.

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