Ekali Releases Single, “Be Fine,” with Wafia

Ekali isn’t slowing down anytime soon with the second release, “Be Fine,” off his forthcoming fall album. This single is the perfect pairing of Ekali’s fine tuned, yet rich production skills alongside angelic Australia-based vocalist Wafia. It tells the story of getting over a heartbreak and moving forward one day at a time, which resonates with most listeners a little all too well.

“It’s about the pain you feel when you lose something you thought you never would, and how life will inevitably take it’s course in the end, but you’ll be okay in time.”


The creamy synths and percussion in this scream classic Ekali and leaves us wanting more. We can’t wait to hear the album in full and the highly anticipated Illenium and Nitti Gritti collaborations!

Listen and watch the music video for “Be Fine (feat. Wafia)” below.

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