Interested in getting adding to our curated weekly New Music This Week posts? Post your music announcements in our community channels with a heads up so we know you’ve got a release coming soon. We’ll explain how we do our scouting below:

  1. Join our community Discord, Facebook Group, or Twitter Community here.
  2. Introduce yourself! Don’t dive straight into self-promo. Leave a good impression on the community and interact with others before you go about posting anything that feels spammy or ingenuine.
  3. Share your announcement post (that clearly indicates the release date and collaborators) to the community channel along with any other important or helpful information we should know. If it’s posted in our community channels after Thursday, we won’t see it in time as we curate the list every Thursday night.
  4. You’re all set. Our A&R team will scout the community channels for up and coming artists to spotlight through our platform.

What happens if we like what we hear from you:

  1. We’ll add it to our Fresh Hunts Spotify Playlist which is promoted to an audience of 50k+ every single week
  2. We’ll feature the release on our website through the publication
  3. We’ll show support on our socials
  4. We’ll past your release on to notable labels, managers, agents, promoters, and more valuable partners who can help bring you more opportunities.

Do you have a Press Release you’d like to pitch to our Staff Writers for coverage of an event, release, or announcement? Interested in getting a premiere/interview? Submit music through this form here.