A Reminder Of Why We Love and Support Getter

As you all know- one of the top stories this week has been Getter canceling his tour after recent backlash. We want to put it simple, Getter is a pioneer to the industry. At just 25 years young, this man has made incredible progress in the industry and we would hate to see it stop now. A lot of us wouldn’t be in the scene without him introducing us to this music.

Let’s take a second to turn away from the negativity and look at why we all love Tanner Petulla (known as Getter) as much as we do. His music and vines introduced so many people to a world that they never would’ve known about. With the creative abilities he has and the barriers he’s broke down this is the last thing he deserves. Visceral is an honest to God work of art. The album truly gave me hope in the future of the music industry seeing so much raw emotion and absolute talent go in to it. Featuring songs such as “All Is Lost”, “Best of Me”, and “On My Way Out”, this is by far the most emotional album we’ve ever seen from Getter, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a “good album”. It means Getter felt comfortable enough with us, with his fans and the community, to share these emotions. Music is a way for the artists to express their true selves and emotions on a large scale for the entire world to see. It take a lot to put out something with that much emotion and we should never take that for granted.

It’s known that artists change along with their sounds. It was clear Getter was heading towards a different direction with the introduction of Terror Reid back in 2017. One of the many reasons a lot of people love Getter is because of his many personas. He’s done so much more than just produce music, he became an internet sensation through his hilarious vines and classic “The Boys of Simi Valley” segments. Along with that, he also created his own clothing collective, Shred Collective, as well as launching his own music label. 

The moral of the story is, people bought tickets to the Visceral Tour clearly without listening to the album first and that’s okay. What’s not okay is to publicly shame it for being underwhelming and not reaching or surpassing your expectations. These people in the scene that boo’d him, threw stuff at him, and publicly shit talked the album and tour have ripped something away from the rest of us. They ripped away the one thing a lot of us were looking forward to and that was the Visceral Tour. This incident should serve as a reminder that artists are people too. They’re alive and feel the same emotions as all of us. If you don’t like an artists’ sound, it’s as simple as walking away from a set at the festival or not buying a ticket to the show.

With all that being said, let’s take a step back and look at the scene as a whole. Is this who we want to be perceived as? We’re by no means blaming the scene as a whole, but the few people who did and said these awful things have ruined it for a lot of us. These artists dedicate their life to putting on a show for us. If you’re really about it, take the challenge today to think about what PLUR means to you and these artists. Peace. Love. Unity. Respect.

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