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12th Planet Shares Exciting News with New Single, ‘Clairvoyant’

Dubstep Godfather 12th Planet just dropped an atom bomb on us. On June 17th at 9 pm PST, his new single “Clairvoyant” came with the announcement of a US tour, and a brand new EP produced entirely by our Overlord, Planet number 12. Ooooh, I can already feel my face melting.

12th Planet
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For starters, if this article is somehow your first introduction to 12th Planet, it’s time you get hip. I often refer to John Dadzie (12th Planet) as the Dubstep Godfather, because 12th is exactly that. He is truly an icon living, and, to keep it a buck, he’s part of the reason that dubstep even landed in America.

This man has been touring for over 20 years, working alongside industry titans like Plastician, Virtual Riot, Skream, and more. He’s the head of both Disciple Round Table (sub-label to Disciple Recs), and SMOG Records. Hell, even the OG Skrillex once referred to 12th as his “mentor.” I’ve personally seen him live twice, both times at Electric Forest, and trust me — if you ever get a similar opportunity, send it.

My point? When it comes to dubstep, 12th Planet paved the way. John Dadzie has been making earth-shattering bass music longer than some of you have been alive. So when new music comes from Planet number 12, we spin that sh*t and we give thanks.

12th Planet Presents: The 2021 Supernova Tour

Coming to a city near you is a brand new 12th Planet experience. Inspired by his upcoming EP Supernova, starting August 13th, Dadzie will travel his way through the US delivering delicious dubplates to hungry headbangers everywhere. He recently debuted part of his new visual show at Sunset Music Festival, so I think it’s safe to assume that he’s got some big things planned for this tour.

We don’t have much we can share about Supernova the EP, but what we can tell you is that neck braces are $15.99 with free one-day shipping if you have an Amazon Prime account, so definitely hop on that before release day.

To get your tickets to the Supernova Tour, click here.

“Marine Iguana,” released in May, marked 12th’s first single of 2021. Inspired by a Reddit encounter with Barely Alive, this track starts with hard synth leads before transitioning into an absolute HONKER. Riddim warriors– meet The General.

“Clairvoyant,” on the other hand, is a trap and dubstep fusion that boasts an insane replay value. The synths are clean, the vocal sampling is smooth, the percussion is perfect, and the bass is felt deep in your core. Please listen to this with headphones. The sub-bass frequencies in this track would feel insane on a proper sound rig. Another huge W for 12th Planet.

If these two tracks are any hint at what’s to come on this EP, this one is going to be massive. The final single from the EP, the title-track featuring Virus Syndicate, drops the first week of August. Oh, and if you’re in the midwest, make sure to scoop your tickets to Excision’s Reunion Festival to witness a 12th Planet set firsthand as he goes b2b with Wooli. What a time to be alive.

Listen to “Clairvoyant” by 12th Planet below

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